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Since spring 2020 INTEC SAMES-KREMLIN (formerly Eisenmann INTEC GmbH & Co. KG) has been part of SAMES KREMLIN GmbH, a member of the French EXEL Industries Group.

For more than 90 years SAMES KREMLIN has been designing products and systems for the high-quality coating of surfaces to beautify and protect them. The product range includes pumps as well as atomizing solutions that apply a variety of paints, powders, sealants and adhesives in the automotive and general industry.

Both SAMES KREMLIN and INTEC SAMES-KREMLIN are key players in the automotive market for OEMs, Tier 1 and suppliers of body and paint equipment worldwide. INTEC SAMES-KREMLIN's expertise in the dosing and control technology of adhesives and sealants complements SAMES KREMLIN's broad pump range. Therefore, the acquisition makes strategic sense for both companies: We strengthen our expertise in all areas of thick matter application, complement our product range and benefit from a worldwide distribution network. Together, we are represented in over 50 markets across 5 continents and supply our customers with manual spray applicators, robot application heads and a wide range of pumps and machines for conveying, dosing, mixing and applying materials.

True to the motto "Apply Your Skills", we want you to benefit from our expert knowledge and deliver the best possible performance. INTEC SAMES-KREMLIN employs about 120 people at its Erftstadt location in Germany. Both teams with technical experts in 15 locations worldwide are now coming together to provide you with even better support - with the same passion for quality and service! In addition, we are supported by another 1,000 partner companies, which in turn employ 10,000 people worldwide. This way, we are not only located in close proximity to our customers' production facilities, but also in the immediate vicinity.



Body shop

The importance of bonding in automotive engineering continues to grow. The technical possibilities of adhesive bonding have long since gone beyond a mere joint connection. Adhesives not only serve as a seal, prevent corrosion and compensate for tolerances, but also retain sufficient elasticity despite the reliability of the connection, e.g. to dampen vibrations.

In underbody, engine compartment and side panel production or add-on parts such as doors or gates: Our technology effectively joins and stiffens parts of the body-in-white. The servo motor drives are controlled in a real-time operating system in ms cycles. Since INTEC SAMES-KREMLIN also offers PC-based controls, it is possible to react flexibly to new requirements at any time. The system is quickly expanded in performance and functionality! Do not hesitate to contact our experts for personalized adhesive solutions.


2K applications

In car body construction, joining technologies such as gluing are playing an increasingly important role. Terms such as functionality and cost-effectiveness are decisive in this context. The challenge is to securely join lightweight and different materials such as plastics, magnesium, CFRP or aluminum.

INTEC SAMES-KREMLIN has many years of knowledge in the application of various 2-component or boosted PU adhesives and offers systems for static and dynamic mixing. These adhesives are used wherever a final heat treatment is not possible, but a fast handling stability as well as the connection of different materials is necessary. Get competent advice on your individual system!

Montage and bonding of glass

Final assembly and glazing solutions

During assembly, parts and prefabricated system components must be integrated into the already assembled body. In addition to the windows, these include the roof, mirrors and fittings, for example. Only fully automated production with precise bonding technology systems can produce high volumes of automotive parts in absolute top quality.

Glass is one of the oldest materials of mankind which is also used in one of the most modern branches of industry, the automotive industry. The demands placed on the material are constantly increasing and promote the continuous development of technologies. It is no longer a simple pane of glass that you can see through. In addition to many other tasks, modern glass nowadays requires safety, strengthens or even forms the design of the vehicle and supports the stiffness of the car body. Therefore, when installing the glass, it is important to integrate the delivered quality precisely and safely into the technologically complicated procedures of the contemporary automobile manufacturing process. There is no way around gluing in order to bond the material glass to the car body. INTEC SAMES-KREMLIN provides you with technical solutions in the field of automated glazing applications.